How easy is it to find a job? What if you moved to another country without knowing anyone or without connections?

stock-photo-ethnicity-business-people-career-job-search-concept-264200771  Linkedin.

I moved to Madrid in Spain in 2005 after going through a bad economic crisis in Brazil. I had an EU passport and spoke 3 languages so for me it seemed pretty straight forward. Little had I known the importance of having a network and preparation in finding a good opportunity. At that time, social media was not an obvious option, so it was all about making connections and meeting people offline.

Years later I moved to Dublin (video) and struggled to find a job once again even though I had a lot of experience. The same thing happened when I moved toZurich. Adding the language barrier and complete cultural unawareness, it was definitely not easy to find a good position. That said, I was more prepared and had more knowledge of how to use social media and a strong network to identify opportunities. After a few years, I decided to move back to Dublin, but this time I prepared myself to make the most of my search and connections. This is what I did in just a few words.

What do I want to do – I know it is easier said than done. Nonetheless, without knowing what you really want to do there is no focus on your search. Also, I had different roles in the past so it was essential to target specific roles.

Make a list – If you are the kind of person who likes “lists”. I created a list of all the companies I wanted to work for. Not the ones shared as “best companies to work for”. The ones I checked the news often, the ones I shared information with my friends and colleagues and the ones I could see myself working for. This was definitely the most difficult part of the process. Can we really choose where and who to work for? I believe we can. Full article aviable on Linkedin.


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